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The Best Sports Mobile Games To Check Out This Year

The 2017 NBA and NHL Playoffs are now underway. March Madness just concluded last month, and two months prior to that, Super Bowl 51 pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in American football history. The Premier League is set to conclude on May 21, with the 2017 French Open set to begin the day after on May 22.
If you’re a huge sports fan, things can’t get any better than the first six months of every year. Sadly, all good things must (temporarily) come to an end when off-seasons and in-between tournament breaks inevitably arrive. But thankfully, you have sports games on iOS and Android to keep you entertained as you wait for the next season or tournament to kick off.
Don’t know which ones to play? Here are our picks for the best sports mobile games to play this 2017.

NBA 2K17

2K, Inc.
Still bummed out that Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder got bounced from the 2017 NBA Playoffs too soon? We feel you, bro. But instead of sulking in the corner, why not re-create the entire Houston-OKC series in NBA 2K17? With Quick Game mode, you can instantly play a game using your favorite teams! However, if you want the feel the grind of the 82-game NBA season, you can jump into either Season mode or MyCareer mode. Unlike the console version, NBA 2K17 on mobile has simplified controls, allowing you to easily play on-the-go.


Electronic Arts
If the awesome graphics and realistic gameplay in NBA 2K17 aren’t really your thing, then check out the over-the-top and totally unrealistic gameplay in NBA Jam instead. This mobile port of the classic arcade game brings all the goodies that made the original endlessly fun. Take part in two-on-two matches, as opposed to five-on-five, and throw physics out the window with gravity-defying dunks and improbable shots! But unlike the arcade version, you can now play against real-life friends via local or online multiplayer. With its bobble head players and crazy on-court stunts, NBA Jam definitely beats out NBA 2K17 in the entertainment category.

Football Manager Mobile 2017

Managing a football club is one of the most taxing jobs in sports. Don’t believe us? Try Football Manager Mobile 2017 just for a day or two and you’ll see there’s more to managers than screaming instructions from the sidelines. Experience all the things that happen behind-the-scenes and make strategic decisions on-the-fly! The scouting system is better than ever, making tough decisions on player hiring a bit easier. Transfers, team lineups, game tactics, and even disciplinary action on players – all of these are in your hands as the manager of a football club.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Sega really knows their stuff when it comes to sports games. Virtua Tennis Challenge is another example of that. Featuring a whopping 50 unique players and 18 tennis stadiums, Virtua Tennis Challenge is definitely a must-play for tennis fans. To give you more options when dishing out the trickiest and most powerful shots, the game offers multiple control schemes, which includes touch and gamepad support. This is more crucial when you consider the environment effects in each stadium. You will need to adjust your shots depending on the court type. If you’re already feeling confident about your skill just five games in, you can challenge your friends to a match via Bluetooth multiplayer.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch is hands down the best table tennis mobile game on Android and iOS. The indoor environments in the game are surprisingly well-detailed and realistic-looking, which helps in setting you in the right mood to smash those ping pongs. There are multiple ways to enjoy Table Tennis Touch. You can play career mode and see how you match up with the game’s AI. You can challenge your real-life friends via multiplayer (local or online). And if you want to take a break from the competition, you can play the mini-games. To add even more replay value, the game also offers collectibles in the form of customized bats.

Skiing Yeti Mountain

Featherweight Games
Sometimes, the best mobile games come with bad graphics. This is one of those games. Featuring pixelated graphics, Skiing Yeti Mountain offers a simple premise but fairly difficult gameplay. Your goal is to reach the finish line at the bottom of the screen as fast as possible. But to maximize your points, you must follow the signs scattered on each level. Basically, you will be zigzagging down the icy mountain. There are more than 800 levels to go through. Yep, not a typo – 800 levels. But you’ll barely notice your progress in-game, thanks to the interesting and humorous characters you meet along the way.

Real Boxing 2: Rocky

Vivid Games S.A.
Most boxing games on mobile have simplified controls and a shallow gameplay where you simply engage in endless matches against random enemies and not much else. You can cross off Real Boxing 2: Rocky from that list. The game places you in the legendary shoes of the titular character, Rocky Balboa, as you slug it out against familiar Rocky characters like Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago. You can also create your own fully customized boxer, complete with custom stat spreads, abilities, and unique gear. The gameplay is more than just swiping to launch punches. You need to be creative in your strategy to efficiently score knockouts every time you step into the ring.

EA Sports UFC

Electronic Arts
Boxing still too tame for you? If you want more than just throwing punches and dancing in the ring, then EA Sports UFC should sate your need for even more action. The game features more than 70 fighters to choose from, with each of them arriving with special skill sets and fighting styles for you to master. The action is practically non-stop in the game – the more you fight and take down enemies, the more new enemies you can go up against. The touch controls can get a little tricky at first, but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. There’s one catch to EA Sports UFC, though: it requires a persistent internet connection. Bummer.

Skateboard Party 3 Lite Greg

Ratrod Studio Inc.
Skateboard Party 3 Lite Greg is the free version of the third installment in the Skateboard Party series. Though with its features, you might think it’s a paid app. The game is seriously packed with goodies. It features popular pro skateboarder Greg Lutzka, along with more than a dozen other skaters to choose from. Using numerous items, you can customize your chosen skater’s gear according to you fashion taste. The game features eight uniquely designed locations containing more than 70 objectives to complete. With over 40 tricks to execute to perfection, you will never run out of trick combinations. And like with skateboarding games on consoles, Skateboard Party 3 Lite Greg has a great soundtrack.

Madden NFL Mobile

Electronic Arts
Last but not the least we have Madden NFL Mobile. It’s the flashier American football version of Football Manager Mobile 2017 above. However, it lacks the extremely in-depth team management system. But in return, you actually get to play the games like in NBA 2K17. You can build your own dream team using current NFL stars and retired legends. Understanding the controls and gameplay is easy enough, even for newbies who are more accustomed to the “real” football. If you want to simulate a full NFL season, you can dive into Seasons mode and make your team the stuff of legends 16 games at a time. Like the console version, Madden NFL Mobile is a treat for American football lovers.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hassan Tatanaki's Opinion: Libya requires emergency government

This interview having Libyan n entrepreneur Hassan Tatanaki had been done a couple of days before the abrupt activities took place inside Libya. The Nationwide Our elected representatives (GNC) had been amazed from the armed service deployment led by upon the market Maj. Gen. Khalifa Hifter inside Benghazi, Tripoli along with other areas. This kind of operation had been recognized by significant from the armed service and possesses pressed the actual GNC for you to mention, inside a surprising step, the actual political election of any brand-new parliament on August 20 to exchange the actual GNC, whose time period features expired.
Libyan n entrepreneur Hassan Tatanaki spoke for you to Al-Hayat in regards to the requirement involving building an unexpected emergency govt inside Libya for you to fortify the actual armed service, police as well as judiciary, before the nation becomes a new source of terrorism.
Writer Mohammad Ali Farhat Published May perhaps 3, 2014
Translator(s)Joelle El-Khoury

Original Article  

The particular elections will not be held on plan for the reason that activities and incapacitated hold altering night and day. In the mean time, border nations around the world are usually concluding their particular borders for you to men and women, the actual Arab Group will be taking action and the Maghreb nations around the world are usually calling for any conference to debate the actual innovations inside Libya. With regards to component, the actual Not, the usa as well as The european union are usually watching that has a great amount of suspense.
Tatanaki said of which Islamic political parties were handling the actual GNC once they received gotten the actual concur involving Developed circles as well as became highly effective. On the other hand, he considers Libya’s dilemma grant over and above this kind of, because innovations expose a new need to flip this kind of nation into a hotbed involving terrorism.
Tatanaki said they are positive in regards to the power from the Libyan men and women, having all of their revolutionaries, military as well as tribes, for you to overcome disarray as well as deter extremist management that are vying for you to distributed discord between your tribes as well as along the urban centers. He or she encouraged the actual generation of urgent situation govt administered by the decided parliament to reinforce the actual armed service, the authorities and the judiciary, as well as respect the actual tasks from the tribes per their particular persuits, intended for deterrence. This kind of leads to eliminating illegitimate items as well as creates men and women trust the state of hawaii stability institutions and the judiciary.
As being a political activist, Tatanaki said in every openness that she assisted shut affiliates from the routine inside dealing with the issue from the blockade resulting from the actual Lockerbie dilemma. Back then, the actual routine involving former Leader Moammar Gadhafi deemed him a detailed relate involving the usa and some Europe. A few Gadhafi proponents possibly offender him involving taking part using these nations around the world.

Tatanaki escorted the actual Libyan trend on the beginning. He or she offered societal as well as press support as well as offered just as one associate for the first current administration from the trend, that is went by Mustafa Abdul Jalil. He or she assisted the actual current administration inside it's relationships having the usa and some Europe. Tatanaki always wants being referred to simply as a Libyan “citizen. ”
The written text from the interview practices:

Al-Hayat: Rotations breed disarray though anticipating the actual crystallization from the nation's political technique, as well as in the case of Libya, that is taking a while. You'll find concerns plaguing both the every day and the regional sides. How come the task taking that long? Would it be an all natural or maybe deliberate hold off?

Tatanaki: The particular GNC’s time period, per special observers, features expired, nevertheless the political Islam parties’ command from the GNC as well as their particular disrespect from the men and women and the condition clarifies their particular survival and the survival from the GNC. It’s similar to they’ve kidnapped the state of hawaii by impeding the actual organization involving brand-new post-revolutionary institutions. The particular GNC will be unacceptable now, despite the fact that dangerous nations around the world believe that it is. Had the same take action happened inside a dangerous nation, the actual engaged men and women would have also been referred to process of law.

The particular command from the GNC, the actual weakness from the govt and the existence involving militias are all variables of which lead to a new dictatorship venture through an fictional entity known as political Islam.
They making the effort to command the state of hawaii sections as well as utilize their particular proponents inside joint capsules involving open public sections as well as institutions, while they may be a new small section, and they're the process via difficulties the Libyans know, including direct as well as roundabout risks.
At the popular levels, these people usually do not enjoy great help, however they participate in inhumane habits as well as political video games of which cannot be given from the post-revolution step involving condition development. For instance, many people push some of their particular numbers for the lead as well as present these individuals because independent.

Al-Hayat: The particular Islamic political groupings are usually sacrificing inside Libyan post-revolution referendums, however they are usually adhering for you to energy opportunities, from time to time using the concur involving significant dangerous nations around the world.

Tatanaki: Developed management consider what exactly occurred inside Egypt which is going on inside Libya as a natural issue. In accordance with these individuals, the actual Brotherhood is really a spiritual as well as societal mobility which has a political framework associated with the actual calls for from the men and women. These management are unable to separate between your Muslim Brotherhood and the conventional spiritual training from the men and women. There is certainly a serious variation between your a couple. The particular Brotherhood is really a political mobility; very easy include things like men and women special inside spiritual sciences as well as assistance. The particular Muslim Brotherhood’s marriage having religion will be neither stable neither unreliable. Their own control will not include things like special clerics mainly because most are usually designers as well as medical doctors, amid other civil professions. They simply develop beards as well as carry independently intended for adults involving Islam.
A few Western European presidents get shallowly recognized the actual Brotherhood inside a bid for you to enable Muslims remedy their particular complications inside, yet do many people truly get away from you as well as keep from interfering within our extramarital affairs as well as assisting the actual Muslim Brotherhood? There isn't any question of which this can be a game of which goes over and above Libya’s edge as well as distributes in your community. The great prospective as well as discourse from the Brotherhood as well as their particular allies inside Libya goes over and above their particular must manage Libya alone. There is certainly much more for it. [They] would like to flip Libya into a system and a source of terrorism offered it's organizing spot. Terrorism has applied within the advertising involving Islam, while literally it's got practically nothing to do with Islam.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Cardinals Edge Out Letran Knights

Mapua drew strength from a superb effort from Big man Mark Acosta as it downed injury-plagued Letran, 66-51, yesterday to boost its stock in the 86th NCAA basketball tournament at The Arena in San Juan City.

Acosta saw his pre-season effort harnessing his outside shooting finally bearing fruit as he pumped in five triples to finish with a game-high 20 points as the Cardinals nailed their third win in five outings to stay inside the magic four.

San Beda Red Lions Walloped Perpetual Help

San Beda drew strength from American behemoth Sudan Daniel’s rare triple-double effort as it walloped Perpetual Help, 101-77, yesterday to seize the solo lead in the 86th NCAA basketball tournament at The Arena in San Juan City.

The 6-7 Daniel registered the first triple-double performance with 16 points, 10 rebounds and a league-high 10 blocks to power the Lions to their fifth win in row and the solo lead.

EAC's Charges over CSB

Emilio Aguinaldo leaned on Emilian Vargas’ breakout game as it downed St. Benilde, 76-71, wednesday to barge into the win column in the 86th NCAA basketball tournament at The Arena in San Juan City.

Vargas, a former EAC player who transferred to Santo Tomas two years ago before finally deciding to return to the Generals, unleashed nine of his game-high 17 points in whipping up a third quarter storm that keyed the Generals’ first win after faltering to three straight losses.

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